How to Make a Perfect Pizza – Tips and Step by Step Instructions From a Professional Chef

Making the Perfect Pizza.

After 22 years as a chef I’ve come to learn the hard way about making pizza.

I’ve seen it done the right way, the wrong way and every way in between.

Two things that I’ve learned is that you don’t have to be Italian, and there is no right way.

There are a lot of wrong ways though.

Here are some tips and tricks to perfect your pizza.

Use a pizza stone, bricks, a pizza oven or a terracotta slab to bake your pizza on. Pizza trays, non stick trays and ‘regular’ oven stuff just don’t cut it.

Sliding your pizza onto preheated brick, terracotta or stone at around 240 degrees C or 470 degrees F will give you a great texture and crispy base

Make the base thin. The dough should be properly risen and pliable, able to be rolled or stretched quite thinly. Pizza should have a thin crispy base – not a thick slab of bread. Learn to make a proper pizza, and then play around with it after, once you have a reference standard.

Don’t put too much sauce, cheese or topping. It may seem generous and luxurious, but it’s not. You’ll lose the texture and your pizza base will become soggy and it will slump under the weight of all the wet sloppy toppings. Not good! This is the golden rule

Make your own dough. No matter how good or convenient the boboli bases and frozen pizza doughs are, they will never be able to compete with a freshly rolled raw pizza dough cooked from scratch. Making your own dough is simple. Maybe even easier than making the trip to the supermarket.

NEVER pre bake a pizza base without toppings. It will be dry, too crisp, and unappealing. Roll out the dough, top with sauce, cheese, toppings in that order. THEN bake it from raw. Follow theطريقة عمل البيتزا

 steps in the section below.

Make or buy a great tasting sauce. Pizza is so simple – so success is all about the quality of the ingredients – being subtle and sparing, and allowing the ingredients to work together. A tasty tomato sauce, quality shredded mozzarella and not too may toppings. That’s it. Then get the temperature right, and slide your pizza onto a baking stone and voila, perfection every time.