Which is Better For Long Term Profits? Horse Racing Systems Or Horse Racing Tipsters?

When people begin to bet on horses they will often make the selections themselves based entirely on the limited knowledge they have about horse racing. This very often leads to losses which then cause a lack of interest in the betting game, which is sad. Other times the newcomer will have some perseverance and decide that the problem lies within himself and not with the races themselves, which is correct. The question now for the newcomer is whether to start using a system or using a tipster while he gains knowledge about this illustrious sport.There are literally thousands of horse racing systems available while only a few are actually of any value, so any newcomer should make sure to find some positive reviews of any system he tries out before shelling out any money on them. A good system will not only outline some rules and staking plan that the reader must adhere to but must also teach the user why he is doing this, otherwise a newcomer will just be blindly following along without learning anything whatsoever. Imagine in school if they had just told you the answers without the working out, you would never be able to move on to more advanced learnings would you!Finding such a system that provides you with winners at the same time as it is giving you some foundationary knowledge on the sport will be hard, it will become a sort of trial and error with numerous systems which could be very expensive. The more astute punter will realise that genuine and up to date information is required to find a regular supply of winners. With this comes even greater obstacles, gaining such credible information can take years of research and networking within the social tiers of racing before you come to have the knowledge that some of the more die hard race enthusiasts have.It is at this point where most punters decide to turn away from horse racing systems and start to look at horse racing tipsters to find themselves a healthy stream of winners. However even here you will find obstacles blocking your path. What service should you choose? You will need a service that is showing winners and has been showing winners for quite some time, preferably  reviews horse racing
 at least one year. The reason why you should look at how long they have been around is that most services that are showing losses for more than 2-3 months will lost near enough all of the members, so any service that has been around for over a year must be showing some form of profits to still have members on the books.As shown already using horse racing systems and horse racing tipsters to provide a steady stream of winners will require a hit or miss approach when determining which particular system or tipster to use. So how then do we decide whether to use the tipster or the system in order to get winners coming up as a regular occurrence?