Miss Environment Pageant

1951: London, England. Miss Sweden was the to start with Overlook Environment.Miss United Kingdom, Laura Ellison-Davies, was the 1st runner-up…

1952:London, England.Miss Sweden, May Louise Flodin, was crowned Miss out on Entire world.

1953:London, England. Denisse Perrier grew to become the first French to gain the Pass up Environment. Pass up Greece was the 1st runner-up…

1954:London, England. Overlook Egypt, Antigone Constanda, was elected Skip Environment. She was the first African female to gain the Pass up Planet.

1955:London, England. Surprisingly, Overlook Venezuela, Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga, won the Overlook Environment title. Pass up Venezuela was offered a heroines´s welcome when she returned to her nation.

1956:London, England.Miss Germany, Petra Sussana Schurmann, was elected Overlook Entire world.

1957:London,England. Marita Lindahl was the 1st individual from Finland to get the Miss out on Environment pageant.

1958:London, England.Miss South Africa, Penelope Anne Colen, was elected Miss out on Entire world. She was the second African lady to win the Miss Planet.

1959:London, England.Corinne Rottschafer was the initial girl from Holland to earn the Overlook Earth.

1960:London,England. Norma Gladys Cappagly turned the first Argentinian to acquire the Miss out on Environment.
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1961:London, England. Miss United Kingdom, Rosemary Frankland, received the Skip Globe title. Miss out on Taiwan, Grace Lee, was the to start with runner-up…

1962:London,England.Catharina Johanna Lodders grew to become the next Miss Holland to acquire the Miss Globe pageant.

1963:London, England. Incredibly, Overlook Jamaica, Carole Joan Crawford, was topped Pass up Environment. She turned the initially female from Caribbean to get the Miss Entire world.

1964:London, England. Overlook United Kingdom, Ann Sydney, was elected Overlook Globe.

1965: London, England. Overlook United Kingdom, Lesley Langley, was topped Miss out on Globe. The United Kingdom was a dominant drive in Miss Planet in the nineteen sixties.

1966:London, England.Rita Faria grew to become the initial Skip India to win the Miss out on Planet title.

1967:Overlook Peru, Madeleine Hartog-Bell, was topped as the seventeenth Miss out on World in London´s Royal Albert Hall Theater on November sixteenth.The favourites were South Africa´s Disa Duivestein, United Kingdom´s Jennifer Lewis, Czechoslovakia´s Alzabeta Struckulova, Peru´s Madeleine Hartog-Bell, and Guyana´s Shakira Baksh. Miss out on World 1967 worked as a trend design for roughly 10 months in Paris. For the first time, Tanzania sent a delegate named Theresa Shayo to London.

1968:London, England. The winner was Penelope Plummer, Miss Australia. At the onset, Israel´s Mirey Zamir was the favorite. Misses Guyana and Yugoslavia ended up semifinalists.For the 1st time, the United States did not qualify for the semi-finals.Africa despatched eight delegates to London (Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, and Uganda).

1969:London, England.Eva Rueber Staier became the initially Skip Austria to gain the Pass up Earth title.Skip Mexico, Gloria Leticia Hernandez Martin del Campo, was crowned Overlook Photogenic. For the next time, Czechoslovakia, a communist republic in Europe, despatched a delegate to London. Miss Czechoslovakia, Marcela Bitnarova, was one particular of the semifinalists at the pageant. Ironically, Peru did not participate at the Pass up Environment.

1970:London, England. Shockingly, Miss out on Grenada, Jennifer Josephine Hosten, was topped Skip Globe.She grew to become the first black lady to win the pageant. Ms.Hosten set Grenada, a smaller island in the Caribbean, on the map when she was elected Pass up World.
Skip Yugoslavia, a communist condition in Europe, capable for the semi-finals.

1971:London,England.Skip Brazil, Lucia Tavares Petterle, gained the Skip Globe title.Surprises amid the leading fifteen had been Misses Guyana (Nalini Moonsar),South Africa (Monica Fairall), Guam (Deborah Bordallo), and Portugal ( Ana Paula De Almeida). Shockingly, Grenada did not take part at the Overlook Planet.

1972:London, England.Skip Australia, Belinda Green, was crowned Overlook Planet. She was the 2nd lady from her place to acquire the coveted title.For the first time, Botswana despatched a delegate named Agnes Motswere to London. Surprises amongst the top 15 have been Misses Seychelles (Jane Edan Straves) and Mexico (Gloria Gutierrez Lopez).Astonishingly, Skip Belgium, Anne Marie Roger, did not enter the semi-finals.Right before she went to England, Skip Belgium competed in Pass up Universe 1972, where by she was semi-finalist and Miss out on Photogenic.

1973:London, England. Marjorie Wallace turned the first American to earn the Miss Planet title.Miss Philippines, Evangeline Luis Pascual, was the 1st runner-up.In July, her countrywoman, Margarita Moran, had been crowned Skip Universe 1973. Pass up Seychelles, June Gouthier, was semi-finalist and Skip Character.

1974:London, England.Skip United Kingdom, Helen Elizabeth Morgan, was elected Pass up Environment.Just 4 days after Overlook United Kingdom, Helen Morgan, had ascended the throne she was dethroned by Overlook Planet Corporation. Why? She was a single mother. Miss Wales and Overlook United Kingdom was the very first runner-up in the closing Miss out on Universe 1974. She once explained,” I offer you the triumph to my son Richard. I will truly feel happy that when he expand up he can states that his mother is formally a person of the most stunning girl”.She was changed by Miss out on South Africa, Anneline Kriel. Skip South Africa 1974 turned the third girl from Africa to gain the Overlook Earth pageant.Miss out on Yugoslavia, Jadranka Bajac, was topped Pass up Photogenic.

1975:London, England. Wilnelia Merced Cruz grew to become the initially girl from Puerto Rico to win the Miss World title. Miss out on Yugoslavia,Ladija Verkovska, was the fourth runner-up. Miss Venezuela, Maria Conchita Alonso Bustillo, concluded in seventh place. From 1984 to 2004, she turned an actress and singer in Latin America, Spain and the United States.
For the initial time, Haiti sent a delegate named Joelle Apollon to London.Unquestionably, Miss out on Haiti had classical elegance of the black ladies close to the planet.She completed in sixth area. Surprisingly,Skip Swaziland,Vinah Thembi Mamba, was topped Miss Photogenic.Overlook United States, Annelise Ilschenko, did not qualify for the semi-finals.

1976:London, England.Miss Jamaica, Cinthya “Cyndy” Jane Breakspeare, became the next lady from Jamaica to get the Miss out on Earth title.Overlook United States,Kimberley Marre Foley, did not qualify for the semi-finals. In the seventies, several females from Caribbean gained 6 world-wide pageants:Grenada (Skip Earth 1970), Puerto Rico (Miss out on Universe 1971 and Overlook Planet 1975), Jamaica (Skip Environment 1976),Trinidad & Tobago (Miss Universe 1977), and Bermuda (Skip Earth 1979).

1977:London, England. The Pass up Earth 1977 title was won by Mary Stavin, Miss out on Sweden.Ironically, Miss Brazil, Magdalena Sbairini, was the major favorite. Surprisses among the the prime fifteen had been Miss out on Mexico (Elyzabeth Gonzalez) and Miss out on Peru (Isabel Frias Zavala).Sadly, Miss Nicaragua, Beatriz Lacayo Obregon, one of the most lovely ladies, did not qualify for the semi-finals.

1978: London, England. Overlook Mexico, Martha Eugenia Ortiz, was a major favorite, but she did not get the Miss out on Environment title. She was for numerous the “Miss out on Globe of the evening”! Having said that, Miss out on Mexico was topped Pass up Photogenic.Amazingly, Argentina´s Silvana Suarez was topped Miss Earth. Miss out on El Salvador, Iris Yvette Mazorra, did not qualify for the semi-finals.She was just one of the most well-known delegates in Miss out on Universe 1978.

1979:London, England. The Miss out on Earth 1979 title was won by Gina Ann Cassandra Swainson, Miss out on Bermuda. She was the to start with runner up in the ultimate Miss Universe 1979.Miss Venezuela, Tatiana Capote, was disqualified by Miss Environment Organization. What occurred? Just one of her breasts slipped from the side during the gown rehearsal.

1980:London, England.Skip Germany, Gabrielle Brumm, received the Overlook Environment.Even so, Overlook Germany was dethroned by Miss World Group. On November 28, 1980, in Agana (Guam´s cash), Pass up Guam, Kimberley Santos, was elected Miss out on Entire world.

1981:London, England. Overlook Venezuela was crowned Pass up Earth and Miss out on Americas. At the onset, Venezuela´s Carmen Josefina “Pilin” Leon Crespo was the favorite.

1982:London, England. Miss out on Dominican Republic was crowned as the thirty second Overlook Entire world in London´s Royal Albert Corridor Theater.She was the to start with woman from her region to acquire the loveted title. For political causes, Skip Argentina did not participate at the Skip Entire world.The favorites were being Misses Trinidad & Tobago and Switzerland.Particular awards had been given to Lolita Morena of Switzerland for Skip Photogenic, and to Maureen Therese Lewis of the Cayman islands for Skip Character. Pass up Trinidad-Tobago, Althea Ingrind Rocke, was in contrast to “Cleopatra” by Journalists.

1983:Pass up United Kingdom, Sarah-Jane Hutt, received the international attractiveness Pageant on Might 26, 1987, in London.Surprises among the top 15 have been misses Hong Kong (Margaret Cheung) and Bolivia (Ana Taboada Arnold).Overlook Bolivia produced it to the quarter-finals for the second time in a row.Miss Yugoslavia, Bernart Marovt, was elected Skip photogenic.

1984:London, England. Venezuela´s Carolina Astrid Herrera was topped Pass up Photogenic,Miss out on Americas and Miss Environment. Nevertheless, Miss out on Brazil became a massive favorite by industry experts and journalists.Skip Brazil,Adrianne Alvess de Oliveira, had numerous decades experience as skilled model in Paris.

1985: London, England. The final success had been: Skip Usa (2nd runner-up), Miss United Kingdom (1st runner-up), and Miss Iceland was Pass up Planet 1985. Ironically, Miss out on Venezuela, Rudy Rosario Rodriguez del Lucia,had the highest semifinal rating…

1986:London, England.Giselle Jeanne-Marie Laronde from Trinidad & Tobago grew to become the 3rd black female to be crowned Miss out on Globe. Curiously,Miss United States, Halle Berry (now popular actress) went to London to enter the Pass up Globe pageant, wherever she arrived in sixth position.Overlook Ecuador, Alicia Gisella Cucalon Macias,finished in seventh place.

1987:London, England.The winner was Miss Austria.Ulla Weigerstorfer became the 2nd Miss Austria to acquire the Miss Environment contest.The 1st runner-up Overlook Venezuela was the crowd favourite. Albany Josefina Lozada Jimenez was one of the most lovely women of all ages in the Miss out on Venezuela history.Miss out on Poland, Monika Nowosadko, completed in 4th location. For the to start with time considering the fact that 1982, Argentina despatched a delegate named Catherine Ciscatto. She arrived in sixth put.

1988:London, England. The remaining effects were being: the 2nd runner up was Overlook United Kingdom, the 1st runner-up was Overlook South Korea and Pass up Environment 1988 was Miss Iceland. Linda Petursdottir turned the 2nd Miss out on Iceland to gain the Overlook Planet.Pass up Guatemala,Mariluz Aguilar Rivas, was crowned Overlook Photogenic.

1989:Victory Metropolis, Hong Kong. Amazingly, Miss Poland, Aneta-Beata Kreglicka, was elected Miss out on World. She was the very first female from a communist state to gain the Miss out on Planet title.The USSR competed at the Miss out on Earth pageant for the to start with time.Pass up USSR,Anna Gorbunova, gained the Overlook Photogenic award.

1990:London, England. The final results had been: Pass up New Zealand (4th runner-up), Miss Finland (third runner-up),Skip Venezuela (2nd runner-up), Miss Ireland (1st runner-up), and Pass up United States was Miss Americas and Miss out on Planet 1990.Miss Venezuela,Sharon Luenso Gonzalez,received the Skip Photogenic title.

1991:Atlanta,United States. Miss out on Venezuela, Ninibeth Beatriz Leal Jimenez, was crowned Pass up Americas and Pass up Environment 1991.She turned the fourth Miss out on Venezuela to acquire the Overlook Globe contest.

1992:Sun Town, South Africa.For the first time, Africa hosted the pageant.Reps from 83 countries, territories and dependencies attended the Miss out on World.Overlook Russia, Yuliya Alexandrovna Kurochkina, was elected Miss out on Europe and Pass up Environment 1992.

1993: Sunlight Town,South Africa. Associates from 83 countries and territories attended the Skip Globe.A single of the most enthusiastic enthusiasts was Nelson Mandela, who was president of South Africa. Skip Jamaica, Lisa Hanna, was crowned Miss out on Entire world. Pass up People´s Republic of China,Wang Yin Tao, did not compete at the Miss World. Pass up China pageant has been forbidden considering the fact that 1950 by the Chinese communists.

1994: Solar Metropolis, South Africa.The closing success have been: Miss Croatia (4th runner-up), Skip Zimbabwe (3rd runner-up),Miss Venezuela (2nd runner-up), Miss South Africa (1st runner-up), and India was Overlook Asia and Miss out on Earth 1990.Miss out on India, Aishwarya Rai, also was elected Pass up photogenic.

1995:Skip Venezuela,Jackeline Maria Aguilera Marcano, was crowned Miss Americas and Overlook Environment in Sunshine City´s Amusement Centre on November 18th.She also won the Pass up Photogenic award.