I have already briefly talked about the benefits of NAD+, but now I want to go into them in a little more detail.

Here is what NAD+ can do for you:

Improve the health of your DNA. NAD+ helps to correct errors in your DNA for continued healthy functioning.
Support the function of sirtuins. Sirtuins are the family of proteins mentioned earlier, the ones which help promote cell homeostasis.
Boost liver health and function. NAD+ is a critical ingredient to the metabolic work performed by the liver. That includes maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and converting fat into energy.
Support muscle function. NAD+ is also vital to the creation of ATP, which your muscles need in order to stay healthy and pain-free.
Assist with calcium signalling. This process in your body is required for cell growth, muscle contraction, neurotransmission, and more.
Regulate your sleep cycles.
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NAD+ is necessary for basis reviews healthy circadian rhythms.
Maintain the proper shape of proteins. NAD+ is involved with protein folding.
Promote organ health. This is done by keeping stem cells healthy, a process which requires NAD+.
Support healthy gene expression. Gene expression cannot take place without NAD+.