Some Interesting Facts About Exchanging Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a symbol of betrothal between two people. The pair are stating their intention to enter into a marriage together, in IFCJ reviews ceremonies, till death do them part. A second ring is then placed on each of the couple during the wedding ceremony.

The metals cost – and if a stone is included, the entire cost – was in the past also a wealth symbol. Poorer people wore iron, where the elite sported gold or silver bands. Today couples are still most usually financially co-dependent. Though the feminist movement has given women the opportunities to work and make their own wages giving them a lot more independence in marriages.

Anthropologists point out the identity symbolism involved in present day marriage rites. Couples use the image of their rings to make a statement about or in concordance with their interaction with the rest of the social world, in addition to with one another. The ring’s style can indicate their calm nature, their love of French culture, their extravagant life style or their simple love for one another. Either way, it is in contrast to other types of rings on other social beings fingers.

The circular nature of the ring is important. It symbolizes eternity because it has neither start nor end. It is also a symbol of renewal and wholeness.

The left ring finger is the traditional place for engagement rings to sit. The first to begin this were the Ancient Romans. Their rationale was that the vena amoris (the vein of love) goes directly from this finger to the heart. This romantic idea proves that the Romans were still romantic idealists despite their reputation for extra marital bi-sexual affairs.

To keep them feeling comfortable, some are specially designed to fit well with the wedding band. This can be a good idea. Especially so as the couple hope to wear them for a lifetime – and the age of mortality just keeps on rising.

Diamonds and other gems can be placed in or on the metal band. Diamonds are a recent tradition, and became so after a rigorous marketing campaign. Many couples nowadays forgo the diamond element, however, as two thirds of the diamonds in circulation are unethically sourced. They are mined, predominantly in Africa, and the profits fund weaponry and other resources used in conflict. This conflicts with the romantic symbolism of this gift, and so many choose other stones instead.

Many folk choose vintage as a cheaper more ethical option in the present day. Some see it as more romantic, because the rings have a story to them. Vintage items are greener, because they are a mode of recycling and thus mean that fuel is not burned in the production of new products.

Diamond rings are symbolic of love and life shared between two people. The above article has hopefully shared with you some of the interesting details about the symbolism of betrothal bands. Should you be embarking on this journey, the very best of luck to you.